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There's just one more thing, but only if you have a couple minutes.

Would you fill out a 1 question survey for me?

I'll tell you why - I'm trying to get to know you a little better. I want to know your hopes and dreams and what's important to you. Because I want to help you realize those aspirations.

That's kind of awkward, so I'll go first...

Back when I was mostly housebound due to chronic fatigue, my soul felt crushed. I was entirely focused on what I couldn't do and what I couldn't have. Examples: I couldn't work and I couldn't have a normal life. I was stuck in the muck of longing for things that weren't possible for me at that time.

I never stopped wanting those things, but I did learn how to live abundantly anyway.

Instead of wishing I had a job again, instead of focusing on how I didn't have it, I flipped it around. I made it a goal to be able to work again.

This changed everything. I began asking myself "how do I accomplish this goal"? And I started answering myself with things like "make a plan" and "take small steps".

My plan came together, and it became my beacon of hope. Even though I had to spend most of each day lying down in bed or on the couch, even though each trip up the stairs to the bathroom was slow and exhausting, even though I often had to choose between showering and cooking breakfast, I took the few lucid moments I had each day to carry out my plan.

Whenever I was focused and energized enough to use my laptop, I would spend as little as 10 minutes to search for the key to my first step. I had realized I needed outside help to heal, and not just any doctor would do.  I know, I've seen tons of normal doctors who did nothing to help me (or even made things worse).

So I searched for someone who had healed from what I was going through. It took weeks or months (the brain fog makes my memory fuzzy during that time), but eventually I found her online. In just 1o minutes at a time.

Sure, no one wants to wait months to find a great healer. But guess what: if I hadn't been looking for her, I never would have found her.

>>   Because I looked for her, I found her.

>>   Because I found her, I began to heal.

>>   Because I healed, I was able to go back to work.

It's all worth it, to chip away at our goals, however and whenever you can.

So, back to my original ask - will you fill out my 1 question survey?

The 1 Question Survey

How would your life change if you had fewer energy crashes? What would you do if you could manage your energy better each day?

Enter your survey response into the Comment box. I'll read them all.