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How to Save More Energy While Living With Severe Chronic Fatigue

You're doing all the right things to heal. Your diet is on point. Your sleep hygiene is the best it's ever been. You're doing all the healing protocols you can get your hands on, and you're doing them perfectly. 

And yet...the massive fatigue and brain fog are still here. 

You're still stuck in bed day after day, feeling frustrated and exhausted and drained. You're still stuck chasing possible cures and treatments. You're still stuck wondering if things are ever going to get better. 

Fortunately, you can learn the key to saving more of your precious energy each day. As someone living with the life-pausing symptom of severe chronic fatigue, you know now is the time to reclaim more of your energy. So you can get back to working toward your dreams.

You probably haven't embraced this critical component of healing yet. That's because almost no one is talking about it - not on online forums where the ill give advice to the ill, and definitely not at the doctor's office. 

Think of your energy like a bank account. Maybe it's a very small bank account, but every morning you wake up with some amount of funds in there. Every single thing you do draws on those funds, and when you're out...that's it. No more energy for the day. 

We know the big things to avoid drawing too much - limit walking, don't push yourself in social situations, and so on.

But there's an insidious thief robbing your bank account every day, and stopping this robber is the key to saving more energy every day!

This sneaky pilferer is stress.

Stress drains us every time we feel shame and guilt for not doing "enough", every time we blame our bodies for betraying us, and every time we push ourselves into a crash.

This stress must be stopped. We stop the stress by healing our mindset. 

Once I discovered this crucial aspect of healing and health, it transformed my life forever - even while I was still living with severe chronic fatigue. And even now that I have my life and my energy back, I still use it to create an even more abundant life of joy. 

The key you've been missing is the Healing Mindset.


When you live your life from the Healing Mindset, some pretty magical things start to happen:

You learn how to lead your healing journey from a place of self love, instead of a place of fear

You learn how to reconnect with and trust your body

You learn how to deeply connect to your body and listen to the healing messages it's sending you every day

Instead of "positive thinking" (which doesn't work anyway), you learn how to connect with your truth

You take charge of your health, reclaiming your power from the doctors

You have more resilience

You become more creative at managing your health issues with grace

You get your body out of fight or flight mode, and into deep healing mode for more hours every day

You learn healthy coping skills for the pain of living with such little energy every day (things other people won't teach you because they don't understand what it's like)

You learn how to move forward with your body as your partner, instead of your enemy

You learn how to have hope again

You learn emotional mastery of living with severe health issues

You learn how to live a life with purpose, even when you can't do anything

You learn to cope with your loss of identity, without the things you used to do

You learn how to forgive your body for everything that has happened

You learn how to move on from the people who have distanced themselves during your illness

You learn how to deepen the bond with people who have been here for you

You learn to soften the pain of everything you've lost

You learn how to be joyful in the life you have today


My new online course is designed to help you reclaim your life from severe chronic fatigue by teaching you to live from the Healing Mindset. Read on and check out the course outline below for a look at the journey that gets you there. 


You're in luck! The Healing Mindset Program starts in April. 


Here's what you'll be learning...


The Foundation: Calming the Stress Response

First we get your body into a restorative healing mode. Instead of being in fight or flight stress response, your body will now be able to support your mindset journey naturally and with grace. 


Reconnecting To Your Inner World  

In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own mindset journey to show you how I found more energy and joy even while I was too fatigued to hold a job or pursue my passions.


Cultivating the Healing Mindset  

With a solid, fortified foundation in place, you're ready to deepen your connection. You'll learn the tiny daily habits that cultivate more energy, and how to do these simple steps with more ease and less effort.


Discovering Who You Are Now 

Living with this illness has changed us - and this can be a good thing. You learn to create gratitude for the skills you're developing through your healing journey, and how to cope with what has been lost.


Deepening the Practice  

This is my favorite lesson! At this point you've learned all the basics, you're experiencing the benefits of the Healing Mindset, and you're ready for more. Here we go deeper into the mindset shifts that will bring you even more energy and joy. 


Fueling Your Healing Journey  

How do you know whether you're on the right track with your healing journey or you need to keep tweaking your approach? In this final lesson I'll show you how to assess your progress and keep moving forward in alignment with the Healing Mindset.


You're in luck! The Healing Mindset Program starts in April. 

The Healing Mindset Program is designed to help you emotinally thrive - whether you're bedbound, housebound, or still able to hold a job. It's made for people who are ready to create the change they need.

This program is NOT for you if you expect a one-size-fits all treatment plan that will cure them in 30 days or less with zero effort (and we know it doesn't work that way). This program isn't for you if you complain about high energy days because they lead you to push and crash. This program IS for you if you're willing to navigate the ups and downs of the healing journey with a solid commitment to yourself. 

The Healing Mindset Program provides a TON of value to give you everything you need to transform your world while healing.

12 weeks of continuous learning and support with a slow pace - you have plenty of time to complete the video trainings as you're able

A low-pressure, high-support environment where every single thing is designed with your needs in mind - a slow pace, minimal stimulation, self guided work you can complete when your brain isn't foggy, recordings you can replay if you lose your train of thought, and lots of little reminders along the way

Group meditations accompany every lesson, and they're recorded so you can listen to them over and over

Access to ask me questions at any time

A Facebook community of like-minded people who understand what you're going through and are working to make the same change in their own lives

Guided coursework for each video training that leads you on this journey

Limited-time BONUS: every new student will receive a 1-on-1 session with me, while I have availability. There are only so many hours in a week, so I don't know how long this first-come-first-serve offer will stay on the table.



You're in luck! The Healing Mindset Program starts in April. 

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